With 118 production facilities and a broad product range stretching from the ultra economical “1-Litre”- passenger car to luxury and sports cars and commercial vehicles, the Volkswagen Group has grown up to one of the largest globally active automotive manufacturers with world-wide sales exceeding 10 million units in 2014.
Volkswagen’s Group Research is working on every field of automotive application and is responsible for identifying, evaluating and transferring innovative technologies to advanced engineering or series development departments of all brands of the Volkswagen Group. It spent over 11 billion Euro for research and development in 2014.




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Summary maps for lifelong visual localization

Peter Muehlfellner, Mathias Buerki, Michael Bosse, Wojciech Derendarz, Roland Philippsen and Paul Furgale Journal of Field Robotics Robots that use vision for localization need to handle environments which are subject to seasonal and structural change, and operate under changing lighting and weather conditions. We present a framework for lifelong localization and mapping designed to provide
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Evaluation of Fisheye-Camera Based Visual Multi-Session Localization in a Real-World Scenario

Peter Muehlfellner, Paul Furgale, Wojciech Derendarz, Roland Philippsen IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IVS) 2013 The European V-Charge project seeks to develop fully automated valet parking and charging of electric vehicles using only low-cost sensors. One of the challenges is to implement robust visual localization using only cameras and stock vehicle sensors. We integratedfour monocular, wide-angle,
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Toward Automated Driving in Cities using Close-to-Market Sensors, an Overview of the V-Charge Project

Paul Furgale et al. IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IVS) 2013 Future requirements for drastic reduction of CO2 production and energy consumption will lead to significant changes in the way we see mobility in the years to come. However, the automotive industry has identified significant barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles, including reduced driving range
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