There and Back Again

January 21, 2015 in ETHZ-ASL, Publications, year 4 by admin

P. Furgale, P. Krüsi, F. Pomerleau, U. Schwesinger, F. Colas, and R. Siegwart

IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (ICRA), 2014

Topological/metric route following, also called teach and repeat (T&R), enables long-range autonomous navigation even without globally consistent localization. This ren- ders T&R ideal for applications where a global positioning system may not be available, such as navigation through street canyons or forests in search and rescue, reconnaissance in underground structures, surveillance, or planetary exploration.

This talk will present our efforts to develop a T&R system suitable for long-term robot autonomy in highly dynamic, unstructured environments. We use the fast iterative closest point (ICP) algorithms from libpointmatcher 1 to build a T&R system based on a spinning laser range finder. The system deals with dynamic elements in two ways. First, we employ a system-compliant local motion planner to react to dynamic elements in the scene during route following. Second, the system infers the static or dynamic state of each 3D point in the environment based on repeated observations. The velocity of each dynamic point is estimated without requiring object models or explicit clustering of the points. At any time, the system is able to produce a most-likely representation of underlying static scene geometry. By storing the time history of velocities, we can infer the dominant motion patterns within the map. The result is an online mapping and localization system specifically designed to enable long-term autonomy within highly dynamic environments. We validate the approach using data collected around the campus of ETH Zurich over seven months and at an outdoor 3D test site in Thun, Switzerland

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