Infrastructure-Based Calibration of a Multi-Camera Rig

June 12, 2014 in ETHZ-ASL, ETHZ-CVG, Publications, year 3 by admin

Lionel Heng, Mathias Buerki, Gim Hee Lee, Paul Furgale, Roland Siegwart, and Marc Pollefeys

2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)

The online recalibration of multi-sensor systems is a fundamental problem that must be solved before complex automated systems are deployed in situations such as automated driving. In such situations, accurate knowledge of calibration parameters is critical for the safe operation of automated systems. However, most existing calibration methods for multi-sensor systems are computationally expensive, use installations of known fiducial patterns, and require expert supervision. We propose an alternative approach called infrastructure-based calibration that is efficient, requires no modification of the infrastructure, and is completely unsupervised. In a survey phase, a computationally expensive simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) method is used to build a highly accurate map of a calibration area. Once the map is built, many other vehicles are able to use it for calibration as if it were a known fiducial pattern.

We demonstrate the effectiveness of this method to calibrate the extrinsic parameters of a multi-camera system. The method does not assume that the cameras have an overlapping field of view and it does not require an initial guess. As the camera rig moves through the previously mapped area, we match features between each set of synchronized camera images and the map. Subsequently, we find the camera poses and inlier 2D-3D correspondences. From the camera poses, we obtain an initial estimate of the camera extrinsics and rig poses, and optimize these extrinsics and rig poses via non-linear refinement. The calibration code is publicly available as a standalone C++ package.

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