Vision-Only Fully Automated Driving in Dynamic Mixed-Traffic Scenarios

October 6, 2015 in ETHZ-ASL, Journals, Publications, year 4 by Ulrich Schwesinger

U. Schwesinger, P. Versari, A. Broggi and R. Siegwart

it – Information Technology, 2015

In this work an overview of the motion planning and dynamic perception framework within the V-Charge project is presented. This framework enables the V-Charge car to autonomously navigate in dynamic mixed-traffic scenarios. Other traffic participants are detected, classified and tracked from a combination of stereo and wide-angle monocular cameras. Predictions of their future movements are generated utilizing infrastructure information. Safe motion plans are acquired with a system-compliant sampling-based local motion planner. We show the navigation performance of this vision-only autonomous vehicle in both simulation and real-world experiments.

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