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Julian Timpner wins DRIVE-E prize

March 15, 2013 in News by admin

It is our pleasure to announce that Julian Timpner received the DRIVE-E prize for his master thesis, which defines major architectural components of V-Charge-WP5. DRIVE-E is awarded by BMBF, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research together with the Fraunhofer Society to support emerging scientists focusing on electric mobility. (image credit:

Further information:
(in german)

BMBF announcement:

(shorter english information about DRIVE-E)

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Internal Demo 1 in Zurich

March 15, 2013 in News by admin

Our internal demo on January 22, 2013 was a complete success! More details will follow here shortly.

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First Integration Week

March 15, 2013 in Meeting, News by admin

On April 16-20, 2012 the V-Charge first Integration Week took place. The main tasks of the week was the integration of systems so far developed, the acquisition of new sensor data, and preliminary system testing.

These activities were performed on two test vehicles dubbed KERMIT and GROBI.

The V-Charge team and the two experimental vehicles.

Wednesday 18

On April 18the the activities were mainly focused on data acquisition.  Different scenarios were used for data acquisition with other vehicles or pedestrians. Sequences were taken in controlled environment (VW parking facility) and  in the Wolfsburg urban scenario up to nearly 600 Gbytes including cameras, GPS and other sensors.

Closeups of some cameras on the GROBI vehicle.

Thursday 19

The acquired sequences have been preliminary inspected in order to evaluate if they fit suitable scenario cases. VW staff demonstrated the x-by-wire system using a joystick and the e-stop safety capabilities.

Path Planning Demo.


Friday 20

On the last day, besides the technical committee meeting, a preliminary test for automatic driving was performed using trajectory following and the path planner.

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Using Multi-Camera Systems in Robotics: Efficient Solutions to the NPnP Problem

March 15, 2013 in ETHZ-ASL, Publications, year 2 by admin

Laurent Kneip, Paul Timothy Furgale, Roland Siegwart

2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)

This paper introduces two novel solutions to the generalized-camera exterior orientation problem, which has a vast number of potential applications in robotics: (i) a minimal solution requiring only three point correspondences, and (ii) gPnP, an efficient, non-iterative n-point solution with linear complexity in the number of points. Already existing minimal solutions require exhaustive algebraic derivations. In contrast, our novel minimal solution is solved in a straightforward manner using the Gro ̈bner basis method. Existing n-point solutions are mostly based on iterative optimization schemes. Our n-point solution is non-iterative and outperforms existing algorithms in terms of computational efficiency. Our results present an evaluation against state-of-the-art single-camera algorithms, and a comparison of different multi-camera setups. It demonstrates the superior noise resilience achieved when using multi-camera configurations, and the efficiency of our algorithms. As a further contribution, we illustrate a possible robotic use-case of our non-perspective orientation computation algorithms by presenting visual odometry results on real data with a non-overlapping multi-camera configuration, including a comparison to a loosely coupled alternative.

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